Roblox Titanic Updates 2012-2013

Summer of 2012 to summer of 2013 has been an amazing year for Roblox Titanic. There have been so many updates that have made the game better. The amount of plays went from 5 million to a staggering 8.5 million. 3.5 million plays in one year, without being on the front page for 99% of that time.

In the past year, here are some of the updates that I introduced.

Minor updates:
Tons of gear were added to the store a couple times (November 2012, March 2013, June 2013)
Optimized scripts many times to reduce lag and loops (November 2012, December 2012, January 2013, February 2013)
The GUI interface majorly changed many times (November 2012, March 2013, September 2013)
Added many different badges for different occasions (200k Favorites, 7 million plays, 8 million plays, 101 year anniversary of the Titanic)

Major updates:

September 2012:
Upgradeable tea that heals health was added to the store
Health no longer regenerates automatically

5k sips badge

November 2012:
Optional Battle Mode and added weapons to the store. Gain points for doing damage to others in battle mode.
sword fight battle2

December 2012:
Added gamepasses to help you get Points faster. +100 Points and +50 Points / 10 Minutes
roblox titanic 50-10 point pass

March 2013:
Save the ship feature
Server highscore system
Exchange points gamepass allows you to exchange 100 points from Roblox Titanic to 700 survival pts in Survive the End of Roblox and 700 Gold in Roblox Hiking.
Put gear in the store to your starterpack so you don’t have to repick gear you want every respawn

roblox titanic cover33

April 2013:
Launch pack gamepass, allows more people to set up lifeboats
titanic 101 years

May 2013:
Added dynamic lighting with effects!
Lights go blue-green underwater
Lights go-out when electricity goes off

titanic dynamic lighting 1

June 2013:
Switched all VIP shirts to gamepasses
Breakable windows
Fixed most sinking glitches
Edited boiler room
Changed dynamic lighting to a more yellow tint

titanic boiler 2013

July 2013:
Better lifeboats
roblox titanic cover65

August 2013:
Collapsible, automatic-launching lifeboats added
Get Points GUI revamped

roblox titanic cover66

September 2013:
Changed GUI font to a bold new Roblox font

These are all the links to the update forums since I started them in March 2013
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Roblox Titanic 1.0

Game Design Videos

Recently I have been posting more youtube videos than normal. My goal is to put out informative content about my games, and game design in general. I definitely can’t put out funny content (because I’m not funny when talking into a mic).

I’m going to make videos of my different games and explain some of the concepts and features in more detail than the in-game tutorials or my update forum posts.

For example, I posted this picture on twitter sometime in early August, and my most recent “playing my own game” series goes over how to use the trade currency in Lasercraft.
Check it out!

trade currnecy in a roblox game

Another good example of how I can put game design tips into videos is how I talk about fairness in Industrial Gladiators. That video can be found here.

I plan to make more of these “Playing my Own Game” videos. In the future I will focus on certain aspects of the game and make a separate video for others. 17+ minutes is a lot to watch at once, I know. I will try to cut these videos at 5 minutes. Check back soon for more info on my videos. Find my youtube here.

New Roblox Game Design Video Series

I’m starting a new Roblox Game Design Youtube series where I talk game design while playing my own game. I will talk about whatever comes to mind during the experience. Since I have insider information, I will get that info out to you, the really curious viewer. With insider info, you can play my games in a whole new perspective, knowing some tips and tricks from the creator of the game.

Here is the first installment of the series

Industrial Gladiators

Game Projects 2013

List of all my games and what I plan to do with them (As of August 5th, 2013)

Roblox Titanic: Upkeep. Add limited item system. Make it harder to save the ship.

Survive the End of Roblox: No updates planned.

Roblox Hiking: Find out why data persistence doesn’t always work.

Life After People: No updates planned.

Roblox Titanic II: No updates planned.

Paint Em Dead: No updates planned.

Power Struggle: No updates planned.

Disaster Ship: No updates planned.

Classic Survive the End of Roblox: No updates planned.

Sword Fight and Sink a City: No updates planned, unless Roblox platform physics improves.

Lasercraft: Plan to finish it definitely by August 10th (Most likely before then).

Enforcempire: Plan to finish it definitely by August 26th (Most likely before then).

Destroy Terrain: No updates planned.

Inflation Scenarios: No updates planned.

Drive off a Mountain: No updates planned.

ROBLOX Titanic Test / MEGA Server: Same as Roblox Titanic

Techless Survival: No updates planned.

Roblox Inception: No updates planned.

Amazy Lazy River: No updates planned.

Scale of Planets and Stars: No updates planned.

Gear Testing Server: No updates planned.

Biome Disasters: No updates planned.

Abduct All Revolutionists: Finish limited item system within a roblox game

Roblox Titanic Submitted Limiteds: Finish limited item system within a roblox game

Random Testing: Will be used if something needs to be tested with low brick count.

Reasons for Not Posting

This is most likely the last post I will add to this blog.

I hopefully have good reasons for not posting anymore.

1) Not an active enough audience. I got a blog to share with people what I’m doing on roblox in a more detailed way. I got a twitter on February 2nd, 2013, and twitter offers a more active environment for the content I post.

2) Not enough time. Making a blog post is a lot of work. Hyper linking certain things, proof reading, actually typing up a post takes up a lot of time. That time, since it’s my free time, could be used for editing a game for example.

3) Glitchy site. I was mentioned in the Roblox blog (I’m not even going to link this because it takes too much time) for having a great fansite, except the pictures didn’t show up. Some one redirected my website to have broken images (Idk? I’m not a web developer expert) Which “broke” my blog from September 2012 to December 2012 when I got my dad to help me fix it. It now has to redirect to which is weird.

Those are my top 3 reasons for not posting anymore. Find me on twitter

Edit: March 27th, 2013. I now post content to google docs in a folder. The folder is shared in a way that anyone with the link can view it, and any document within that folder. Find it here:

Remembering Erik Cassel

Start by reading the official announcement by David Baszucki.

Erik Cassel, Co-founder of ROBLOX, is the reason we’re all gathered on the wonderful website Roblox. I am incredibly grateful for his work which has dramatically impacted my life, as well as everybody else in the journey of user created video games. Being able to create content for thousands to see inspires me daily.

Erik Cassel and David Baszucki had a vision, a vision that is reality today. Their vision will not die alongside Erik Cassel, because an idea lives on forever.

I can not begin to imagine all the different times Cassel and Baszucki talked, expressed ideas, laughed, inspired each other, without shedding a tear. I am relieved though, because I think Cassel got to live out his dream, and he died knowing he did a great thing for the future of humanity. He co-founded Roblox, the leading tool for kids and teens to express themselves through game design, game development, and graphic design. Expression is a form of freedom, and freedom improves the quality of life. Erik Cassel improved the quality of life peacefully, which I think is the greatest virtue. Roblox will continue to impact the future, because every thought, every evolution of an idea, every rush of inspiration, every line of code, as abstract as it seems, contributes to reality.

Every one of you should be proud to be on Roblox, and should work to make it a better place. Roblox is a great community.

3 Teens Use Roblox to Ignite Careers

Game Development Reaches New Heights


Enforcempire could be described as a mix between SimCity4 and Risk in the sense that you get to choose what districts you build based on resource demand and money, while your ultimate goal is to conquer the whole map. You start your own country, tax your virtual citizens and literally build an empire all in real time, as other players in your server work to the same goal.

Enforcempire uses player created servers which allows multiple rounds to be played within one Roblox game server. The game is different from other conquest games on Roblox because there is no such thing as “joining the game late”.

Entering the game: There’s an introduction GUI that shows the two major elements of the game: gaining tax revenue, and waging war. After the intro GUI, you will be on a page showing all the current running games within the roblox game server. Some player made servers will be full, which means the people in that server are playing, while others will have space left. Join one and when the server gets full, the creator of that server can start the game. Then everyone in that server chooses team colors and the game starts.

Setting up a player made server within a roblox game server: If instead of joining someone else’s game, you want to create your own, you will be brought to a the ‘Set Up a Game’ GUI. You choose the amount of players (2-6), the map (some maps will be in use by previously created servers), and the time limit (anytime over 5 minutes). Create the server once you’re done filling out the creditials, and if there’s enough room on the ‘View Running Games’ GUI (max of 8 servers) your game will fill in the nearest spot to the top. Once your server fills up, you will get a GUI that allows you to start. If someone you don’t like is in your server (it shows you who joined your server), you can click ‘View Running Games’ and leave your game. Some people who just want to play may not like that though!

Enforcempire Set Up Gui
Running Games Gui

Starting your country:
Once you have teleported to the capital of the team you chose, equip your game tool that pops up in your inventory, and click on your capital brick (the reflectant brick under your color tinted Golden Robloxian) Starting your country requires knowledge of how the tool works, which is REALLY simple.
1) Click once on a district you own, you will go into ‘Place’ mode (a GUI near the center top shows you which mode you’re in)
2) Click once on a territory either adjacent or diagonal to a district you already own.
3) A menu will pop up displaying what you can build. Your money gui moves to the bottom left of the GUI (it’s on the top center of the screen when this menu isn’t open)
4) If you have enough money, whatever district you clicked on will be made on the territory you choose.
5) Your tool will go back into ‘Select’ mode, which means you have to select one of your districts again / restart step 1.

Placed Capital

The different districts to build:
Small density city
Medium density city
Large density city
Agriculture zone
Industrial zone
Water treatment plant
Landfill zone
Forest zone
Mining zone
Military base

Place District

Sustainability: Without a sustainable system, all those resource districts would be pointless.
On the left side of the screen there is a GUI with an arrow -> which opens up the graphs that display the demand of: water treatment plants, landfill zones, forests, mining districts, and industrial zones. If any of these resources hits 100% demand, your population can no longer grow until the demand is under 100%. You can click on each of the graphs to view how much demand % there is for that resource. Placing the districts in demand is obviously the way to lower it.


Tax rates: You can change tax rates for a whole sector of the economy. For example, when you change tax rates for small density cities, all small density cities are affected, and nothing else. However, you can not increase tax rates too much without rebellion. Each district you place has a max tax rate they will take before declaring themselves independent of your authority. The max tax rate is based on your current tax rate + an output of a formula to make it somewhat random. The rebellion rate is always more than the current tax rate, but it may not be much more. Not wanting them to rebel, but wanting to raise taxes will really get your heart pumping in an intense game. To be safe, I advise not increasing taxes by more than 3-5% at once, but I do give the freedom for you to increase by 30%. Collapse your empire that way. Tip: Before placing a district, increase the tax rates by 1-2% so the next district you place can stand a higher tax rate.

Tax Rates

Spending rates: You can also change spending rates. These rates are based off of a percentage of the 10% revenue. When you start the game, tax rates are 10% for everything, and spending rates are 90% of that 10%. 5000 revenue means 4500 is spent for it if your rates are 10% taxation and 90% spending. This means increasing taxes a lot will gain huge revenue (no kidding). Because spending rates continue to be a % of taxing at 10% even though you may be taxing at 20%.

Revolution system: Because each district you place has a different tax rate they can’t stand, you want to be careful of taxing too high later in the game because some of your earlier districts, since they were created when government was a lot smaller, are used to the small tax rates. The result of your tax rate being over a district’s ‘line in the sand’ is declaring independence, which means you lose all revenue from that district, (but you don’t have to pay for maintaining that district either). Same goes for lowering spending too much at once. Since people are dependent on your services, they want you to fund it a lot (with the money you taxed from them).

This district lost its blue country tint because it is independent now.

This district lost its blue country tint because it is independent now.

Debt: If you have more costs than tax revenue, you will go into debt. Each game year 10% of debt is repaid, which means it will never be paid back, and you will be stuck paying 10% of whatever the number is for the rest of the game. That means you could have less than 5 debt and it wouldn’t affect you at all due to rounding.

Waging war: Waging war requires military bases, which will not be profitable at first because they provide no revenue and 13000 in costs per game year.
Each military base you place holds up a random number between (900 and 1100) soldiers, (180 through 220) tanks and (90-110) jets before reaching capacity.
If you reach capacity, no one will join the military until you build another base. If this happens, none of the potential soldiers, tanks, or jets will fill it up, you’ll have to wait game years for the soldiers, tanks, and jets to increase in that military base.
How do you gain military power?
Cities are important for gaining soldiers and industrial zones are important for gaining tanks and jets.
Small density city: +50 soliders /game year (5000 Total population)
Medium: + 150 soldiers/ game year (15000 pop)
Large: +300 soldiers / game year (30000 pop)
Industrial zones: +30 tanks, +15 Jets / game year
soldiers = 1 power
tanks = 5 power
jets = 10 power

Each fight is over one district. Example: player1 attacks one of player2’s agriculture districts that is bordering his own district. The point of taking over districts is to gain the resource and the tax revenue without having to spend money on building it yourself.

Once plr1 has chosen the district to attack, a Wage War menu pops up, and plr1 has the option to send a % of soldiers, tanks and jets to the battle. The % for each can be set between 1 and 100. Each plr has amounts of soldiers, tanks and jets according to the number of cities, industries, and military bases he owns. Once the player has decided he should send that % of each unit, clicking the Wage War button will send a notification GUI to the plr being attacked, in this case plr2.

Plr2 receives a notification that one of his districts is being attacked, and has the option of viewing the attack or ignoring it.
Viewing the attack will show plr2 a Defense Gui, very similar to the Wage War Gui. He can set the % of each unit to send to defend that district. Anything between 1-100% of all current units.

Whoever sends the most amount of power wins that district. If the attacker wins, he takes over that district’s tax base, the costs, and the resource which will affect the Sustainability graph in a positive way.

If plr2 clicks ignore, the game sends the default amount of power to defend. By default I mean what that player currently has his percentages to send. If the player has never changed the %s of the Wage War Gui, default is set to 10%.
Whoever sets up the most successful tax farm in the beginning has a lot better chance at winning. However, because of the deviating amount military bases can hold, the percent military power to send to each battle, the revolution system, and the sustainability system, winning is determined by your strategy throughout the game.

I hope this clarifies a lot of things about this game and gets an anticipated audience. I’ve been pretty quiet about this project, which I started November 11th 2012. The game is almost done. I will push for a mid March release. Remember I’m a senior in high school and it’s hard to edit a lot!

Play it and keep an eye on updates here:

TL;DR I’m making a game about being the government and trying to take over a map. It’s gonna be cool with a bunch of things that haven’t been done before on Roblox; such as player made servers within a roblox server which will make it the first Roblox conquest game where everyone starts at the exact same time.

Tips for Game Design Blogging

Designing a game is an exciting experience. You have all these ideas in your mind, and you want them to work together within one virtual area. At times it can be overwhelming to figure out what ideas you would like to keep, and which ones you should forget about. It also might be hard to develop your game since you haven’t thought through some of your ideas.

These papers contain messy hand writing that guides my development process for Enforcempire.

These papers contain messy hand writing that guides my development process for Enforcempire.

One solution that works is trying to write out your game ideas. Trying to put an idea that only exists in your own mind into code right away will be really hard. Ease some stress and write down your idea before starting the developing process. After your game idea is in words, it’s a matter of developing and scripting skill to put those ideas into code. Then it goes back to the game design skill to make a good game out of that code.
If you want to start a blog about your game ideas, and your current projects, here are some tips from my personal experience as a Roblox game designer and occasional blogger.

1) Don’t get too distracted blogging when your real passion is game design. If the reason you got a blog was to tell interested people more about your games than they would otherwise know, then don’t lose interested people by not making new games. Upkeeping existing games is also important. Give people an update every now and then so they come back to see what’s new.

2) Don’t post too much about one game and then never finish it. I’m speaking to myself with this one, on Voluntary City.

3) Post pictures and explain what is happening in each picture. If you clicked the link above, you probably read the title and maybe a sentence or two, scrolled down to see how long it was, saw that there were no pictures, and then continued to read this. Pictures catch attention.

Enforcempire Game Page

4) Make sure you have time to post on a blog. There’s a reason I didn’t post on this blog from September 2012 to earlier this month (January 2013).

5) Write a lot for practice! The more you write, the better feel for language you have and the more effective your writing can be! Get your point across as soon as possible, but give people that detail they went to your blog for. If they didn’t want much writing they would just play your game and maybe read the game description.

6) As an aspiring game designer work to get an interested audience even before your game comes out. Maybe having an audience will give you encouragement to finish your game. Then your audience would play your game and it could get on the front page, since we’re talking about Roblox game design here.

Titanic Legacy: Roblox Game

I played a game today by xFortunato where you actually get to control a mini Titanic model and sail to New York. It takes about 10 minutes to get there while your telegraph is set to fast, and it’s definitely a challenge dodging ice bergs. If you happen to hit one, your ship will lose health and will sink like the Titanic. The only down side for people used to my Titanic game is that it doesn’t crack in half like mine or like the ship in the 1997 Movie by James Cameron.

Play the game here!

Titanic Legacy Pic1

On my journey across the Atlantic Ocean I dodged 3 ice bergs total.

Upon docking in New York, my ship sunk because I didn’t actually dock professionally.
Docking Fail
Reaching New York
New York


Roblox Titanic Battle Mode

On September 8th, 2012 I released a post about Roblox Titanic’s economy and what I want to update in the future. View the post here.

One of the ideas was “Battle Mode” where players could actually deal damage to each other. (How great would it be if you could turn battle mode off in real life?)
The original idea was that killing a player would cost 2 points and would transfer a point to the dead guy. However, I didn’t think through the idea enough to see that the roleplay effect of killing someone wouldn’t be enough of a reason to spend 2 Points. This is what I came up with instead.

Damage EXP!
Weapons are bought from the store. They cost a lot more Points than any of the navigational enhancers so they are for the more experienced players who know the quick ways to get Points. Each weapon deals a certain damage, which equals damage exp. Every 200 damage exp, the player gains 1 Point. But since outrageous VIPs have 9001 health, that seems like it’d be an easy way to get 45 Points if your outr vip friend lets you kill him. To solve this I introduced a cool down time and a formula to increase the amount of damage exp you need until it automatically exchanges to 1 Point.
RTanic Damage exp Value
(To confuse you I made the variable of what should be named damage exp, risk. Actually I just copy, pasted, edited from my already existing risk script and was too lazy to change the variable name at the time. Also I keep talking about the cool down time, in the script the variable is warmdown, lol.)
The cool down value adds 10 seconds each time damage exp is exchanged to Points, making it harder and less effeicent to gain Points for long battles. The formula takes the cool down time / 10 multiplied by the default exchange rate of 200, and raises it to the 1.1 power. Even 10 seconds after a fierce battle you may gain Points as your cool down time lowers.

sword fight battle2

This idea evolved as I was making it. If you have an idea and want to start planning it by writing or sketching it, you might not get far. Just dive right into making it and see where it takes you!

Check out some of my earlier explanations of Roblox Titanic battle mode

Forum Post about Optional Battle Mode
Updates from 9.21 to 9.30